Anti-Civilization Radio: Free Radical Radio

June 10, 2014

Anti-Civilization Radio: Free Radical Radio

We’re trying to use this blog more frequently to highlight inspiring anarchist projects, activities, publications, etc. If you have any recommendations and/or suggestions, please contact us.

In that spirit, we encourage folks to check out Free Radical Radio, an anti-civilization radio program that airs Sunday nights on Berkeley Liberation Radio out of California. For those of us listening from outside of the Bay, episodes are regularly posted online for download. Free Radical Radio “…discusses radical resistance and projects in Oakland and beyond and takes an anti-civilization perspective to analyze the state of the world and the radical resistance against hierarchy, domination, domestication, and control.” They have broadcast over forty episodes, with most being a mix of commentary, news, analysis, and interviews with a consistent anti-civilization perspective.

Beyond the regular episodes, Free Radical Radio has also done some excellent interviews with a variety of anarchists. Of particular note was their interview with Kathan Zerzan, which featured a different perspective than what one traditionally gets from the often male-dominated anti-civilization/primitivist milieu. In the interview, Zerzan speaks of her evolution as a thinker (which features an interesting trajectory from the 1960s struggles to primitivist thinking), the influence of patriarchy in primitivist circles, and more. It’s a fascinating interview to be sure. Other interesting interviews conducted by Free Radical include John Zerzan, Kevin Tucker, and Doug G (author of the recent I Saw Fire).

Anti-Civilization Radio: Free Radical Radio was published on June 10, 2014

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