New Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

October 25, 2014

New Surveillance Self-Defense Guide

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new and updated “Surveillance Self-Defense Guide.” The Guide explains in easy-to-follow language how to defend yourself from digital surveillance by using encryption tools and developing appropriate privacy and security practices.

From a blog post introducing the guide:

“In the time since the Snowden revelations, we’ve learned a lot about the threats faced by individuals and organizations all over the world—threats to privacy, security, and free expression. And there is still plenty that we don’t know. In creating the new SSD, we seek to help users of technology understand for themselves the threats they face and use technology to fight back against them. These resources are intended to inspire better-informed conversations and decision-making about digital security in privacy, resulting in a stronger uptake of best practices, and the spread of vital awareness among our many constituents.”

At a minimum, we encourage folks to check out the “security starter pack” and the “activist or protestor” sections.

Additionally, we have several zines on this topic in the “Security” section of our distro catalog.

New Surveillance Self-Defense Guide was published on October 25, 2014

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