Security Zines

Zines in this category focus on security: i.e. how anarchists can keep themselves safe from state and non-state repression. Topic covered include security culture, digital security, surveillance, informants, and more.

Bounty Hunters & Child Predators

Confidence. Courage. Connection. Trust.

Confidence. Courage. Connection. Trust. (Abridged)

Digital Security for Activists


Green Scared?

Mobile Phone Security for Activists and Agitators

Profiles of Provocateurs

Security & Counter-Surveillance

Security Culture: An Interactive Sock Puppet Farce

Signal Fails

Stay Calm

Stop Hunting Sheep

The Invisible Ground

Threat Library

Toronto G20 Main Conspiracy Group

Turn Off Your Phone

We Are Being Doxxed

What is Security Culture?

Who Needs The NSA When We Have Facebook?

Who Wrote That?

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants

Archived Security Zines

Due to their age, we no longer recommend distributing the following zines. We are keeping them online for historical reasons as some of the information may still be useful.