Beat The Raid

February 04, 2015

Beat The Raid

We were sent the following announcement about “Beat The Raid” and are sharing it because it’s an excellent example of how anarchists can respond to state repression. The project was started in response to police repression in Vancouver, BC against anti-pipeline organizers, indigenous warriors, and anarchists. Both the website and their zine “Raiding Resistance” (which collects information about the specific raid but also has a lot of good general information for responding to repression) are excellent resources.

Here’s the statement that accompanied the announcement:

Repression is part and parcel in democracy. In a democracy the rulers require complete control over the people. Revolts are countered with political repression in the form of arrests, armed raids and physical and emotional harassment by the police. Movements are watered downed by mainstream environmental groups such as Forest Ethics and Greenpeace. These groups wish to reform colonialism instead of eliminating it. These groups, much like Enbridge and BP, rely upon capitalism and cooperation with the state to exist. These mainstream environmental organizations frack the rebellion out of people in the form of referendums, voting and waving signs. Meanwhile, they use our radical words only to dilute, co-opt and contribute to polluted deals undermining real grassroots movements and then ensure us that democracy is still drinkable. In the past and in our future they will continue to isolate and turn their backs on people risking their lives and freedom to save whats left of this planet.

I was recently a target of this very police repression. I woke up to yelling at my front door. Once I was somewhat up and alert, I looked out my window only to see a plain clothed cop pointing a gun at me. From my room I listened to them tell my room mates one by one to exit the house. The detective, Bert Rainey, shaking pointing a loaded gun at my comrades. Once I made my way to the living room I had the second gun pointed at me. I was arrested on 8 counts of mischief under $5000 for alleged graffiti. Yet to be charged.

On June 12, 2014 Detective Rainey returned to take a DNA blood sample from me. These cops took my blood, but the rebellion in my veins was never given up and still flows relentlessly.

In November we obtained affidavits widening the investigations to attacks on banks, 61 graffiti tags, vandalism of community policing centres, and arson to a bank and a housing complex.Totaling over $500,000 in damages. Another affidavit alleged the “no pipelines” tagger to also be the prolific “Anoy” tagger.

On November 6, 2014 there was a hearing for the further detention of the items seized. The judge extended detention for 7 more months. Ironically, the lawyer representing the VPD last name is Toy, which is a slang term for a new graffiti tagger.

Most of the evidence of these crimes are under a sealing order. As of right now it seams the only thing I am guilty of is being an anarchist and political organizer in occupied Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver).

I always knew that one day I would be arrested or raided. I am an anarchist. I actively engage in the struggle for freedom, equality and anarchy. I am virulently, as stated by Detective Rainey, against the police. I believe in and fight for a world where mutual aid, autonomy and community is celebrated and promoted instead of ongoing genocide, exploitation and destruction of indigenous lands in the name of capital.

It was the states intention to isolate and intimidate me,my comrades and others engaged in the anti-pipelines fight. They have failed and will continue to do so. I have not ended my organizing. The solidarity I have felt though my comrades, strangers and friends has been heart warming and brings new embers of love and rage into my heart. It was the states intention to intimidate me out of the struggle. I have only grown closer. Our life is the struggle. I will not back down. We will not back down.

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Beat The Raid was published on February 04, 2015

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