Wildfire Issue 2 Out Now

September 17, 2015

Wildfire Issue 2 Out Now

Wildfire—“an anarchist prison newsletter”—recently published its second issue. The new issue features a variety of writings from anarchist prisoners including Michael Kimble, Gender Anarky, Sean Swain, and a host of others. In addition, there is a lengthy chronology of actions and repression covering the months since the last issue of Wildfire.

The publication is a “quarterly newsletter of anarchist prison struggle.” In the first issue, the editors explained the origins of the project:

“This project is the result of a specific pair of experiences: years of correspondence with prisoners and years of existing within the anarchist milieu of the United States. From both of these, we found the same problems recurring: lack of prisoners’ voices in the wider anarchist discourse, prisoner support projects that exist for only months until those behind the project move on to other things, restrictive support of only “political prisoners,” willful ignorance of unpopular prisoners, unwillingness to engage with prison in a necessarily solidaristic and conflictual way. After struggling with these limits for years, with comrades inside and outside of prison, it seemed time to begin a project that more fully embodied our vision of solidarity and struggle against prison. It is not enough to simply criticize others’ actions — anarchy is drowning in critical words and empty theories — one must act.”

The publication consists solely of writings from prisoners, aside from the introduction and news updates. It’s primary goal is to spread the words and actions of anarchist comrades imprisoned by the state.

Wildfire Issue 2 Out Now was published on September 17, 2015

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