Fifth Estate #395 Out Now

December 17, 2015

Fifth Estate #395 Out Now

The Winter 2016 (#395) issue of Fifth Estate is out now. This issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of the long-running publication.

Contents for this issue include:

  • FE Museum Exhibits (Online Only) by Fifth Estate Collective
  • Remembering Federico Arcos (Online Only) by David Watson
  • The Future is Now! by Jesús Sepúlveda
  • Sabotage & the Flows of Capital by Jeff Shantz
  • Transgender Struggle in Prison by Anonymous
  • Image Worshipping by Panos Papadimitropoulos
  • Mega-Cities by Bellamy Fitzpatrick
  • Pura & Federico Arcos by Sylvie Kashdan
  • Coordinating a Gift Economy by PG
  • Farewell to the Working Class? by Jonny Ball
  • Limitations of Leftism by David Watson
  • New Anarchist Cookbook – Review by Peter Werbe
  • Review: Hope Among the Ruins by Ruhe
  • Review: Polish Oranges by Ron Sakolsky
  • Review: Anarchist Immigrants by Ruhe
  • Anarchism Returns to Cuba by Castillo, Prieto, Diaz

Additional articles on the theme of “Vietnam: The Resistance” include:

  • Mutinies at the Outposts of Empire by Rob Blurton
  • Two Posters: Art Against War by Peter Werbe
  • The Girl Who Would Stop Time by Steve Slavin
  • Hanoi Jane Legacy by Jerry Lembcke
  • War Tax Resistance by Erica Weiland

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Submissions for the next issue are being accepted on the theme “No Borders!”

Often mislabeled a migrant crisis, the uprooting and degradation of the lives of countless millions result, in fact, from the routine exercise of raw national power. For solutions to this crisis we look not to more top-level planning but to bottom-up resistance and global solidarity.

We welcome essays and reports, broad analyses as well as personal understandings of the problems and possibilities for challenging all borders and the border enforcers that modern society has planted in our heads.

For more information including submission deadlines and guidelines, visit:

Fifth Estate #395 Out Now was published on December 17, 2015

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