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Final Straw Panel Discussion on Modesto Anarcho

Final Straw Panel Discussion on Modesto Anarcho

A recent episode of The Final Straw Radio featured a panel discussion that took place at the Humboldt Anarchist Bookfaire on Modesto Anarcho and anarchist activity in the town of Modesto. It’s worth listening to as it focuses on the experience of anarchists in a small town. The panelists—all of whom were involved in the project—reflected on their experiences, successes, and lessons learned. In addition, they field a number of insightful questions from the audience.

From the description:

This week’s episode features a panel discussion from the 8th annual Humboldt Anarchist Bookfaire, taking place in Arcata on January 23rd, 2016. In that panel we hear (mostly) from Doug, Rachel, Adam, Amanda & Jacob of Modesto Anarcho journal and collective as well as the Fireshouse 51 space and other related projects from the Central Valley of California. Their journal, Modesto Anarcho ran from the mid 2000’s through the mid 2010’s. For a quick introduction to their Firehouse 51 space, check out this informative video: http://www.modestoanarcho.org/2009/08/firehouse-51-firehouse-fridays.html

You can download the episode on The Final Straw website.