New Zine: An Activist’s Guide to Information Security

November 16, 2016

New Zine: An Activist’s Guide to Information Security

As resistance to the election of Donald Trump has spread across the United States, it’s been interesting to see an accompanying spread of discussion – at least in some circles – about communicating securely. While many folks – especially outside the anarchist space – continue to turn to Facebook groups as a preferred mode of organizing and insist on the power of livestreaming – it is important that we consider the security implications of the technologies we use.

To add to this conversation, we have just completed a zine-formatted version of the excellent “An Activist’s Guide to Information Security” published last month by Anarchist Black Cross – Dresden. The guide provides an excellent introduction to digital security, covering topics ranging from using the Internet anonymously to how to encrypt your computer.

From the guide:

“This guide presents a basic introduction to information security for activists. It covers security culture, physical security, traditional communication, digital security, and Internet security. It combines insights from activists, hackers, and even academic research on security and privacy. It is essential reading for the modern era.”

You can download an imposed PDF for printing or a screen readable PDF.

Please copy and distribute widely.

For more information on digital security, checkout the excellent Surveillance Self-Defense Guide.

New Zine: An Activist’s Guide to Information Security was published on November 16, 2016

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