Let's Talk: Feminist Communication

Let's Talk: Feminist Communication
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With the full sub-title “Feminist Communication for Radicalizing Sex, Consent, & Interpersonal Dynamics,” “Let’s Talk” is a helpful zine exploring the connections between feminist communication, consent, interpersonal dynamics, and healing from abuse. Its focus on how we communicate with each other makes it worth reading, even for those already familiar with concepts of consent. It’s written in an engaging way and includes valuable information on gendered differences in communication, communicating boundaries and triggers, and consent. There’s also a number of activities aimed an encouraging further discussion and reflection.


For us, feminist communication is breaking down barriers in communication styles that cause oppression and lack of choice. By changing cultural scripts in our sexuality and striving for knowledge, safety, respect, and consent, we work to redefine standards in a truly radical – and hot! – way.


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