Building Community Resilience to Fight State Repression

Building Community Resilience to Fight State Repression
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This zine is an excellent introduction to fighting state repression. It covers the basics of what repression is, basic security, what happens when you are arrested, what to expect if you have to serve time, etc. Throughout the zine the author(s) emphasize that fighting repression isn’t a solitary act and that it is something that is best done as a community (however we chose to define it). This is zine is definitely worth reading if you are new to experiencing state repression and is also a great resource for sharing with folks who may be newer.


The trust, values and skills we rely on when we’re in a direct confrontation with the state are part of our lifelong work to develop and deepen our practice and our commitment. Fighting state repression helps us to know ourselves and our work better, to be bold and to take risks that make more space for the possibilities we want to see in the world. Doing legal support or anti-repression education aren’t a drag or a waste of time or less interesting than other work unless we treat them that way.


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