Criminal Legal System for Radicals

Criminal Legal System for Radicals

criminal legal system for radicals zine coverSub-titled “Setting and Balancing Personal, Political, and Legal Goals” this zine by the Tilted Scales Collective offers a helpful collection of insights for radicals coming up against the legal system. The discussion – excerpted from an upcoming book – focuses on the need to balance personal, political, and legal goals and how these different considerations often intersect with each other. It is important reading for all radicals and its detailed analysis offers many helpful tips for navigating the legal system and preparing for encounters with it.

Topics covered include subpoenas, going underground, staging “political” defenses, taking plea agreements, snitching (don’t do it), making public statements, and much more. It is both very thorough and highly readable.

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Excerpt from Criminal Legal System for Radicals

Balancing your personal, political, and legal goals is no easy task. There are no formulas to follow, no simple answers, no magical solutions. Nevertheless, working through these clearly and in depth will help you make the best decisions for your case—the best for you, your comrades, and your movement.

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