Guide to Federal Grand Jury Investigations Guide to Federal Grand Jury Investigations
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From the introduction: “This Guide presents a summary description of what a federal grand jury is, what to do if you get served with a grand jury subpoena, the Fifth Amendment right not to testify against oneself and how the government can compel you to testify by granting you immunity, what happens when you testify, and what a joint defense agreement is and how it can be useful to people who are being investigated. Many political activists have read “Know Your Rights” and “What To Do If The FBI Shows Up” pamphlets distributed by the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU, and/or radical legal collectives, but most folks are not very familiar with the grand jury process. So, this Guide is designed to demystify that process a bit, and to offer some thoughts about how to protect your rights if you get drawn into a grand jury investigation.”


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