Know Your Rights! What You Need To Know

Know Your Rights! What You Need To Know
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This is a very comprehensive “know your rights” zine published by JustUs NYC. It covers a broad range of legal topics that are of interest to anarchists and other political radicals. It begins by explaining what is and isn’t allowed under the First Amendment by providing helpful examples of scenarios and situations you are likely to encounter (i.e. at a protest or publishing a zine). From there, the zine moves on to discuss the Fourth Amendment and searches, warrants, etc, outlining your rights in various situations (i.e. in a car). There is a discussion of the Fifth Amendment and questioning by the state (including an overview of grand juries). This is followed by a section titled “Other Steps to Protect Yourself” that looks at high-risk groups, cyber rights, rights of people who are non-US citizens, gender, etc. There is also a helpful “Glossary of Terms” that defines basic legal concepts, terms, and phrases. This is essential reading!


This workbook is designed to educate you, not make decisions for you regarding your own specific legal situations. When faced with a situation that requires you to call on this knowledge, trust your instincts and watch out for each other. The rights outlined in these guides are part of the federal Constitution and every state must protect these rights. States can create additional protections, but cannot further restrict these rights.


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