Repress This! Ways to be your own Anti-Repression Committee

Repress This! Ways to be your own Anti-Repression Committee

This guide – put together by the Bay Area Anti-Repression Committee – is an excellent introduction to protecting you and your comrades from repression. It provides basic actions and precautions for engaging in anti-repression work with the hope that others will take on the work. It is important that folks plan for repression and have plans for dealing with it in place. By creating networks of support and building an anti-repression ethic into our practice, we can create stronger communities of resistance.

The zine covers basic legal considerations before actions, the arrest process, how to get folks out of jail, the importance of not talking to police, and more.


We should all strive to take on some of the less sexy anti-repression and legal work that is so crucial to our movements. Everyone’s well-being should be everyone’s priority.


Zines are in PDF format. Choose imposed for printing and reading for reading on your device. The files are hosted on, a service that does not log IP addresses.

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