Resist Grand Juries: The Front Line is Everywhere

Resist Grand Juries: The Front Line is Everywhere

resist grand juries zineThis zine explores the Grand Jury that was convened in response to the Standing Rock encampment. It consists of an interview from The Final Straw with an anarchist legal worker who was involved in providing legal support for the hundreds of people who faced legal consequences in the aftermath of Standing Rock. The zine does a good job of talking about the importance of never cooperating with a Grand Jury, establishing a cultural of non-cooperation and refusal, and providing a clear explanation of how that can be done. This particular conversation breaks down the attempted veil of secrecy that grand juries cast while highlighting the many forms of resistance to this particular grand jury at Standing Rock.

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Excerpt from Resist Grand Juries: The Front Line is Everywhere

The purpose of this grand jury and all grand juries that target revolutionary people and communities is to cause division, manufacture prisoners of war, and create paranoia or suspicion amongst comrades. We will not be intimidated and resistance to this is only strengthening our resolve to kill this black snake and all the others.

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