Surviving A Grand Jury

Surviving A Grand Jury

surviving a grand jury coverSub-titled “Three Narratives from Grand Jury Resistors”, this zine collects stories from three people who dealt with the consequences of a Grand Jury investigating their communities. These include 2 people who chose to resist the Grand Jury and chose not to cooperate (one went to jail and one went on the run) and a partner of the person who chose to go to jail rather than cooperate. It’s a powerful set of stories that does an excellent job of exploring the human consequences of what happens when people chose to resist a Grand Jury. It’s essential reading for anyone in radical communities of any kind as we’re better able to both collectively and individually resist these forms of repression when we have thought about them ahead of time.

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Excerpt from Surviving A Grand Jury

Part of how the grand jury holds its power is through secrecy. The people in charge of these proceedings want us to be mystified and terrified. They want us to live in fear, knowing that fear can keep us docile and contained. The more we learn about how grand juries work and how we can keep ourselves whole and sane as we navigate them, the less power they can hold over us.

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