Tips on staying sane & calm while being arrested & sitting in a jail cell alone

Tips on staying sane & calm while being arrested & sitting in a jail cell alone
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This zine features tips and strategies for those who are arrested and forced to interact with police. It’s drawn from the experience of an anarchist and mental health counselor who was arrested. The experience helped them to realize that there isn’t a lot of material out there focusing on how to stay calm in the context of an arrest. It also emphasizes the importance of not talking to police and focusing on that and remaining calm. While the particulars of the arrest, charges, and identity will shape one’s experience in jail, there’s useful information for everyone in this zine.


I realized this information in this zine isn’t really out in the world. There is definitely information on not talking the police, but when you’re in that moment, it’s very hard to remember NOT TO TALK TO THEM and how to stay calm to protect yourself and stay alive. I get the inclination to want to fight back and run, but sometimes in these situations, you sadly, can’t.


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