New Zines: Dining w/Vultures & Broken Teapot

New Zines: Dining w/Vultures & Broken Teapot

We’ve added two new zines to our catalog:

  • Dining with Vultures: Bristol Anarchists & the UK Media – An examination of recent events in Bristol and the results of anarchist anarchist attempts to engage with the media. The quick version of the story is that the mass media can’t be used for anarchist ends.
  • The Broken Teapot (2nd Edition) – This is the updated 2nd edition of The Broken Teapot, a zine that takes a critical look at accountability processes and anarchist efforts in this area. This version includes a new essay with reflections by the editor on the reactions to zine.

Like all of our zines, you order them through our Storenvy store or download the PDFs and print them yourself. These are just two of more than 150 zines in our catalog.

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