New Zines: Against Assemblies + More

September 21, 2015

New Zines: Against Assemblies + More

We’ve added a few new zines to our catalog:

  • Against Assemblies – This zine published by Ruines des Capital collects two texts from the United Kingdom critiquing assemblies and mass organizations. The zine does an excellent job of highlighting the limits of “mass organizations,” “assemblies,” “movements,” and “direct democracy.” In place of these forms, the zine argues for vibrant self-organized and informal efforts.
  • The Smartphone Society – This zine from Subversion Press presents an essay by Nicole Aschoff analyzing the emergence of the “smartphone society” and how it functions. The essay provides a good starting point for a critique of smartphones and their place in the world, looking at how they are produced, how they are used, how they shape society, and how they commodify our identities. While it could go deeper at times, it offers many provocative points for discussion and should encourage deeper conversations about smartphones and the digital economy.
  • Who Is Oakland? – Sub-titled “Anti-Oppression Activism, the Politics of Safety, and State Co-optation” this zine written by a group of people of color, women, and queers offers an important critique of how privilege theory and cultural essentialism have incapacitated antiracist, feminist, and queer organizing in this country by minimizing and misrepresenting the severity and structural character of the violence faced by marginalized groups.

The zines are available as PDFs for download and printing, or if you need printed copies, you can order them from us via Storenvy.

We’re always looking for new zines to carry, please get in touch with suggestions.

New Zines: Against Assemblies + More was published on September 21, 2015

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