Against Assemblies

Against Assemblies

Against AssembliesThis short zine is a compilation of two articles from the United Kingdom, “Death to Assemblies” and “We Don’t Want a Mass Organisation”. The articles present a basic critique of assemblies as a form of leftism that seeks to manage and flatten struggles. The zine does a good job of highlighting the limits of “mass organizations,” “assemblies,” “movements,” and “direct democracy.” In place of these forms, the zine argues for vibrant self-organized and informal efforts. The articles were informed by a squat/occupation and the experience with so-called “radical assemblies.”

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Excerpt from Against Assemblies

There is no specific recipe for informal self-organisation. Rather, what we are talking about is a dynamic tension: we are always developing our own freedom and ability to act independently, and helping others to do so; we are always on guard that our structures don’t freeze into hierarchies.

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