New Zines: Don’t Be A Dick + More

September 30, 2015

New Zines: Don’t Be A Dick + More

We’ve updated our catalog with some new zines:

  • **Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism –**This is a classic accessible introduction to insurrectionary anarchism. It was written in the early 2000s and therefore doesn’t have the cumbersome rhetoric and language that characterized many of the later attempts to explain the theory. It articulates the basic concepts of insurrectionary anarchism including, the necessity of attack, self-activity, uncontrollability, permanent conflictuality, and informal organization.
  • Breaking with Consensus Reality – This text originally appeared in an experimental Crimethinc publication called “Terror Incognita” which was full of provocative writings challenging conventional anarchist ways of thinking. This piece explores the framework of consent and its relationship to direct action tactics. It asks if consent is the best way for evaluating direct action tactics and strategies and argues instead for the possibility of seduction and desire.
  • Don’t Be A Dick (Revised Edition) – In the tradition of zines like Said the Pot to the Kettle and Dismantling the Boy’s Club, Don’t Be A Dick is “a zine for men about rape, consent, and how not to be a dick.” The zine provides an excellent introduction to rape and sexism for cisgender men, with an emphasis on being accessible and engaging. Until now, the revised and updated version was not available online.

As always, all of the zines are available as PDFs for printing and distributing. You can also order printed copies from us via

New Zines: Don’t Be A Dick + More was published on September 30, 2015

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