Don't Be A Dick (Revised Edition)

Don't Be A Dick (Revised Edition)
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This is an updated version of the zine “Don’t Be A Dick” which is described by the author as “a zine for men about rape, consent, and how not to be a dick.” The zine provides an excellent introduction to rape and sexism for cisgender men, with an emphasis on being accessible and engaging. It explores topics such as rape culture, consent, sex, gender, and everything in between. It is one of the more recent zines on these topics and is essential reading for men looking to understand how their socialization shapes their actions, both in their personal and their political lives.


I wrote this zine as an introduction about rape/sexism for straight, cisgender men a few years ago, and it's time for an upgrade. At the time, I was thinking about what it meant for me to be white and male in a racist, sexist society. I'd read a few zines for men about sexism and consent, but none of them satisfied me, so I wrote the zine that I wanted to read. I was thinking a lot about my relationship with pornography, rape culture, and my practice of consent – more accurately, my lack of consent practices. This zine will cover all those bases, plus some more.


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