Dismantling the Boy's Club

Dismantling the Boy's Club
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This zine is aimed towards men within the anarchist space to explain how patriarchy works and men’s role in maintaining it, both within the anarchist space and in the larger world. There are essays explaining patriarchy, discussing gender, and sexism in the anarchist space. Along with this, there is a helpful list of terminology and definitions, tips for starting a group for men against sexism, and a detailed questionnaire designed to push men towards exploring how patriarchy manifests itself in their lives. It’s one of the better and more recent zines on the topic.


As a male-bodied person, I feel that it is so important that all those socialized as “male” take an active role in the struggle against patriarchy and sexism. This zine is meant to aid in that process of deconstructing all the oppressive tendencies that we are taught and society so willingly accepts... Patriarchy is but one pillar of civilization, but one that has become so internalized that most don’t even notice the oppression. It is reinforced daily by family, friends, co-workers, corporations, and governments. It’s up to all of us to change things. In order to build healthier communities, we have to destroy all monsters of the state.


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