Anti-Oppression Zines

Zines in this category focus on gender, race, identity, privilege, patriarchy, masculinity, and related topics. They include titles that explain these concepts and those that challenge the ways in which they are occasionally discussed in anarchist spaces.

A Compilation of Anti-Oppression Resources

A Critique of Ally Politics

Accomplices Not Allies: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex

Colonization and Decolonization

Dangerous Foundations

Dismantling the Boy's Club

Lines in Sand

On the Road to Healing #1

On the Road to Healing #2

Philly Dudes Collective: Year One

Revolutionary Solidarity: A Critical Reader for Accomplices

Said the Pot to the Kettle: Feminist Theory for Anarchist Men

Social Detox

Social War on Stolen Native Land: Anarchist Contributions

Taking the First Step: Suggestions to People Called Out for Abusive Behavior

What to Do When

Who Is Oakland?

With Allies Like These: Reflections on Privilege Reductionism