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Philly Dudes Collective: Year One

In this zine, the Philly Dudes Collective—an anti-sexist “men’s group” that came out of the radical/anarchist and punk scenes in Philadelphia—gives an overview of their work during the first year of their existence. It includes a sampling of posters they used to promote their events, workshops and discussions they led, panels they participated on, etc. They offer good outlines for hosting conversations on masculinity and patriarchy and men’s roles in it. This is an excellent resource for anyone hoping to have conversations about masculinity, patriarchy, and gender in radical political and social scenes.

Philly Dudes Collective: Year One


“We aren't experts. That's an important thing to know. Even after participating in numerous discussions over the past year and a half, the men in the Philly Dudes Collective aren't experts. We are just people who want to talk about the confusing, frustrating, and often unexamined ideas of masculinity. We figured that if we wanted to talk about all these things, then there had to be others who did too. We simply had to create a space for these discussions to happen.”


Philly Dudes Collective: Year One was added to Sprout Distro in 2014