Social War on Stolen Native Land: Anarchist Contributions

Social War on Stolen Native Land: Anarchist Contributions

social war on stolen native land coverIn many circles, struggle—especially for those who come from positions of varying degrees of privilege—is often defined as something that must happen in relation to another group. For many radicals (and many anarchists), this is discussed primarily in terms of becoming an “ally” of a specific group and placing oneself at the direction of an “other”.

This zine engages with an alternative perspective that assumes that people have their own valid reason for struggling and that by coming together from a shared position, we can have stronger and more powerful relationships. Writing through the lens of anarchist activity in Canada, this zine explores the ways – both theoretical and practical – in which anarchists have attempted to act in complicity with indigenous resistance. The zine presents essays on insurrectionary theory alongside communiques from numerous actions undertaken across Canada to present an alternative path of struggle.

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Excerpt from Social War on Stolen Native Land: Anarchist Contributions

This zine has been put together to counter the notion so popular today, a notion that feeds so much into reformism, passivity, and apathy: the notion that there is anything redeemable in this awful society, and that all we must do is acknowledge its failings and privileges, and be of better service to the “needy”.

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