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Taking the First Step: Suggestions to People Called Out for Abusive Behavior

This zine is intended to spark a dialogue about how people accused of rape, abuse, or sexual assault should conduct themselves regardless of their feelings of guilt or innocence. It includes ten suggestions for people accused of the aforementioned. It’s helpful for the accused, but also for those of us in radical/anarchist communities who struggle with dealing with these situations.


As radical communities, we need to have extensive dialogue about how to deal with abusive behavior, and this is a single current within that dialogue. We should ask ourselves many questions. What responsibilities does the accused have to upholding a “process of accountability” regardless of their feelings of guilt or innocence? As survivors and communities how do we hold abusers responsible? How do we create strong communities that are ready to deal with difficult and controversial situations without factionalizing or falling apart? Is it a priority to determine “guilt” or “innocence” or is it a priority to create processes that demand accountability and deconstruct privilege?


Note: Zine PDFs are hosted on Archive.org, a service that does not log IP addresses.