10 Steps for Setting Up A Blockade

10 Steps for Setting Up A Blockade

10_steps_blockadeThis is a more recent (2014?) introduction to the topic of blockades. It begins with an introduction to blockades and a consideration of why one might want to utilize a blockade as a tactic, including a brief look at their recent usage. From there it moves into the practical aspects of creating a blockade, looking at scouting, roles during a blockade, supplies, entry and exit strategies, and more. The zine comes out of the blockades against various oil pipelines in North America and as such it is heavily influenced by those experiences.

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Excerpt from 10 Steps for Setting Up A Blockade

For the last 18 months groups as small as 8 have been disrupting and occupying pipeline construction sites all over Turtle Island. It takes even fewer than that to accomplish more clandestine activities which can be equally [or more] disruptive.

The reality is that you'll take action if you want to see it done...

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