Direct Action Zines

(A)BC's Mini Guide to Protesting

10 Steps for Setting Up A Blockade

A Demonstrator's Guide to Responding to Gunshot Wounds

Activist Trauma & Recovery

An Activist's Guide to Basic First Aid

Art & Science of Billboard Improvement

Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste, and Distributing Information

Basic Blockading

Basic Recon Skills

Blocing Up

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back


Blocs, Black and Otherwise

Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protestor

Civilian's Guide to Direct Action

Copse: A Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting

Cover Your Forehead!

Defend the Territory

Direct Action Survival Guide

Direct Action Tactics

Do-It-Yourself Occupation Guide: 2012 Redux

Don't Back Down!

Earth First! Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual

Elements of A Barricade

Excited Delirium

Fight the Man and Get Away Safely

Good Manners and Affinity Groups

Health and Safety at Militant Actions

Hong Kong Protest Tactics & Roles

How It Is To Be Fun

How to Organize a Protest March

In Defense of Smashing Cameras

It’s Vacant, Take It!

Mask Up: How & Why

Navigating Trauma

Of Martial Traditions & The Art of Rebellion

Pepperspray, CS, & Other "Less Lethal" Weapons

Radical Defense

Resistance in the Street

Resistance, Rebellion, & Repression


That Horse Is A Weapon

The Radical Cheerbook

The Walls Are Alive!

Voting vs. Direct Action

Warrior Crowd Control & Riot Manual