Direct Action Zines

These zines cover the broad topic of “direct action”. Many of them focus on protest tactics for use in the street including black blocs, first aid, awareness of crowd control tactics, etc. Other titles focus on blockades, occupations, graffiti, banner drops, and more.

(A)BC's Mini Guide to Protesting

10 Steps for Setting Up A Blockade

A Demonstrator's Guide to Responding to Gunshot Wounds

Activist Trauma & Recovery

An Activist's Guide to Basic First Aid

Art & Science of Billboard Improvement

Autonomous Tenants Union Tactics Vol. 1

Banner Drops, Stencils, Wheatpaste, and Distributing Information

Basic Blockading

Blocing Up

Blockade, Occupy, Strike Back

Recommended Zine


Blocs, Black and Otherwise

Recommended Zine

Civilian's Guide to Direct Action

Copse: A Cartoon Book of Tree Protesting

Cover Your Forehead!

DIY Doula Self-Care for Before, During, and After your Abortion

Defend Pride

Defend the Territory

Direct Action Tactics

Do-It-Yourself Occupation Guide: 2012 Redux

Earth First! Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual

Elements of A Barricade

Excited Delirium

Field Guide to Wheapasting

Good Manners and Affinity Groups

Health and Safety at Militant Actions

Hong Kong Protest Tactics & Roles

How It Is To Be Fun

How to Organize a Protest March

In Defense of Smashing Cameras

It’s Vacant, Take It!

Mask Up: How & Why

Navigating Trauma

Of Martial Traditions & The Art of Rebellion

Pepperspray, CS, & Other "Less Lethal" Weapons

Resistance, Rebellion, & Repression


That Horse Is A Weapon

The Radical Cheerbook

The Walls Are Alive!

Voting vs. Direct Action

Warrior Crowd Control & Riot Manual

Archived Direct Action Zines

Due to their age, we no longer recommend distributing the following zines. We are keeping them online for historical reasons as some of the information may still be useful.