(A)BC's Mini Guide to Protesting

(A)BC's Mini Guide to Protesting
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This is a mini-zine that functions as a pocket-sized guide to protesting. It provides basic information in an easy-to-distribute zine, covering topics such as what to bring (clothing, food, water, etc), what not to bring (drugs, alcohol, piercings, etc), what you will encounter at a larger protest (i.e. affinity groups and other concepts such as “diversity of tactics”), and more. There is also a list of websites for more detailed information on the topics covered. It’s the kind of zine that would be helpful to mass produce in a situation where there were going to be a lot of people newer to large-scale protests in attendance.


Always stick together and stay calm. Be aware of your surroundings and know your limits. If you can do some training, such as direct action, police tactics, marching, and self defense. NEVER TALK TO COPS OR GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Have fun and never give into the state no matter what.


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