Cover Your Forehead!

Cover Your Forehead!
  • Added to Catalog: 2021
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While older, this zine collects a series of important tips for folks wishing to be as anonymous as possible in the context of street protests or other actions. The specific lessons here were drawn from the case of an anarchist arrested in Portland for attacking banks and a police substation. However, there have been numerous cases where folks were identified after a protest or riot whether that be due to surveillance cameras, posts on social media, or images taken by others at a protest. This threat can be mitigated by dress as simply as possible – all black with no identifying or distinguishing features is a good choce.


Remember: covering your face is not enough! Your entire outfit needs to make you anonymous! It should go without saying by now, but shorts and a t-shirt, even with leggings and a long sleeve shirt underneath, won’t keep you safe. The goal of blocing up is to look the exact same as everyone else. Again: loose plain black sweatshirt, loose plain black pants, plain black shoes.


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