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In Defense of Smashing Cameras

This text presents an argument in favor of smashing cameras and against the practice of photographing demonstrations. Arguing that the practice of taking photos is detrimental to social struggles as it increases repression, encourages passivity, and simply gets in the way – this zine encourages people to adopt a confrontational approach towards photographers. Alongside this, it presents a series of suggestions and tips for photographers who identify with social struggles and who wish to see themselves as participants rather than spectators. This text raises important questions that folks need to engage with in light of the pervasive surveillance that exists in the contemporary era.

In Defense of Smashing Cameras


Photographs at actions of our actions weaken us and consequently weaken our ability to act. This is not paranoia; it is a fact. For every police photograph, there are ten more incriminating ones on twitter. For every official observation,every surveillance camera pointed our direction, we are doing ourselves the injustice of allowing ourselves to be recorded, disseminated and documented by our peers, in the name of free speech or journalistic impartiality, entitlement, whatever you want to call it. And it has to stop.


In Defense of Smashing Cameras was added to Sprout Distro in 2017