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Elements of A Barricade

This zine is a theoretical and historical explanation of both the idea and reality of “the barricade” in social struggles. Tracing the use of barricades in proletarian struggles in the urban areas of revolutionary Europe in the mid-1800s to their present use in urban street conflicts and indigenous blockades, this zine uses the barricade as an entry-point to discuss wide-ranging but related issues such as blockades, sabotage, and modern capitalism. The writing is relatively dense, but it presents some important points and encourages a deeper consideration of the relationship between theory and tactics.

Elements of A Barricade


From riot to insurrection the barricade is a constant. In the first awakening moments of the riot, the barricade appears immediately, made from dumpsters, torched cars, rubble, prison mattresses –whatever is at hand. Often the style of the barricade projects the trajectory of the riot.


Elements of A Barricade was added to Sprout Distro in 2015