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Good Manners and Affinity Groups

An easy-to-print and distribute one page zine introducing anarchist affinity groups and basic street tactics. It includes tips on how to form affinity groups, how to move within demonstrations, basic crowd navigation, security tips, and even suggestions for how affinity groups can be used outside of a demonstration context.

Good Manners and Affinity Groups


Sorry, everyone. There is no official organization to join to become an anarchist. Because of this, anarchism has confused many people who are used to normal political organizations or groups. Anarchists appear nearly spontaneously amidst the human population of the world. Their individual beliefs assuredly vary, but the central unifying belief is that there should be no government. Another unifying belief is that people should not be governed, nor should they govern themselves, but instead they should decide their own fates based on free association. The purpose of this article, however, is not to present the philosophy of anarchism, but to instead highlight some tactics anarchists have employed to change and remedy their immediate situations.


Good Manners and Affinity Groups was added to Sprout Distro in 2014