Of Martial Traditions & The Art of Rebellion

Of Martial Traditions & The Art of Rebellion
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This zine by Seaweed is the opening of a conversation about what anarchists can learn from martial (military) traditions. Arguing that if people want to claim space for anarchy and autonomy they must be prepared to fight, Seaweed explores how marital traditions could influence resistance. The essay blends military history dating back to Hannibal and Sun Tzu with lessons drawn from contemporary indigenous land struggles. It’s also important to note that Seaweed doesn’t argue for building militaristic cultures of resistance, but rather is encouraging the creation of a broad effort aimed not only at building a destructive capacity but also an ability to heal from the damage brought by civilization.


Even those of us in apparently open and peaceful countries are deeply involved in a war. It is a social and a political war. It is a war of ideology versus freedom of thought. It is a war of industrialism against healthy environments. It is a war between the included and the excluded.


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