Resistance, Rebellion, & Repression

Resistance, Rebellion, & Repression

resistance rebellion and repression zine coverSub-titled “Questions to Consider when you’re in the Streets”, this zine by the Durham Anti-Repression Committee was published in order to spark a dialog about the internal policing of social movements. It addresses common points of conflict among groups of protesters with different goals: the wearing of masks, dragging items into the streets, the use of peace marshals, and safety in the streets. The zine provides a thoughtful engagement with these topics and would likely be of use for people needing a document to help facilitate similar conversations of tactics and strategy where they live.

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Excerpt from Resistance, Rebellion, & Repression

In a world with police there are no safe spaces. Still, there are many ways that people have kept each other safer in the streets without doing the police’s job for them… Building our power at demonstrations requires us to do more than just follow orders coming from a bullhorn, but to actually develop a culture of resistance to which we all share responsibility.

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