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That Horse Is A Weapon

This is a very detailed examination of how horses are used by police for crowd control. It includes a discussion tips for dealing understanding a horse’s behavior based on what their bodies are saying, the situations cops are prepared for based on the equipment the horses are wearing, etc. This zine does an excellent job of demystifying a tool frequently used by police during civil disturbances.

That Horse Is A Weapon


While the oppressive nature of the police force has remained unchanged, many of the weapons and tactics employed by cops have evolved over the years. The gadgets, the guns, the clothes, the aesthetics, and the communications equipment have all evolved. Cops are in a constant cycle of inhumane creation and refinement of tactics, and we are in a constant cycle of learning how to best keep each other safe. Even though mounted police tactics have evolved alongside other tools of oppression and tactics, the basics of threatening people from the top of a horse is pretty much the same as it ever was... The goal of this text is to demystify the police horse through an introduction to horse body language. We hope that this will help keep our friends safer in the streets.


That Horse Is A Weapon was added to Sprout Distro in 2020