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The Walls Are Alive!

Sub-titled “A How-To Graffiti Guide for those who Scheme and those who Dream,” this guide by Crimethinc offers a basic introduction to doing graffiti. It offers suggestions on planning for doing graffiti, strategy, technique, escape, and more. It also covers how to make stencils and wheatpaste.

Note: We don’t sell this, this is in the catalog just because we find it to be useful. We try to keep these in stock and with us when we table.


Graffiti vocalizes all of the thoughts and images locked inside our hearts and minds by an incarcerated society. Graffiti makes coherent our frantic urges to struggle against the strangulation of our everyday lives. The brilliance of graffiti is not so much in the specific words or images, or in how many people see them for how long, but more in the process of people coming together, relearning what they want to say and saying it.


Note: Zine PDFs are hosted on Archive.org, a service that does not log IP addresses.