After the Crest: Part 2 – Oakland

After the Crest: Part 2 – Oakland
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The second zine in the “After the Crest” series explores the rise and fall of Occupy Oakland. Its a thorough overview of anarchist participation in Occupy Oakland that offers helpful ideas and lessons that can be applied anywhere.


“In setting ourselves the sobering task of narrating the decline of Occupy Oakland, we are at least spared any argument about when the high point took place. There might be disagreement about whether the “general strike” of November 2, 2011 deserved that title, but no one would dispute that it was the high-water mark of the local movement and a turning point in the Occupy sequence unfolding across the country. At that moment, describing Occupy Oakland as the Oakland Commune was not just an exaggeration. For a short time, we really were a collective force with the ambition and capacity to transform the whole city and radicalize the national movement.”


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