History Zines

These zines cover anarchist history in a variety of forms. They include studies of anarchist activities in the more recent past (campaigns, groups, mobilizations, etc) as well as texts that explore important historical topics.

After the Crest: Part 1

After the Crest: Part 2 – Oakland

After the Crest: Part 3 - Barcelona

After the Crest: Part 4 – Montreal


Breaking the Barricades

Breaking with Convention: Remembering where our Power Lies

Burning the Bridges They Are Building: Anarchist Strategies against Police in the Puget Sound, Winter 2011

Can't Stop Kaos: A Brief History of the Black Bloc

Claim No Easy Victories

Don't Try To Break Us, We’ll Explode

Industrial Domestication


Koukoulofori: Stories, Lessons, and Inspiration from the Greek Anarchist Movement

Mob Action Against The State

Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Vol. 1

Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Vol. 2

Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Vol. 3

Mob Work: Anarchists in Grand Rapids, Vol. 4

N30: The Seattle WTO Protests

Nothing is Finished

Openings: Anarchist Reflections on Occupy Grand Rapids

Prologue: A Brief History of Capitalism

Slave Patrols & Civil Servants

Smashing the Orderly Party

The A-Zone: A Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago

The Political Pre-History of Love & Rage

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

Unions against Revolution

Women, Witchunts, and the Reproduction of the Capitalist World

Yalensky's Fable