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After the Crest: Part 3 – Barcelona

The third zine in the “After the Crest” series explores anarchist participation in upheavals and social struggles in Barcelona, Spain during the years 2010-2012. While the context always varies from location to location, this zine is written in a way that offers a lot of valuable insight for anarchists who find themselves participating in social struggles in which they may not be the dominant tendency.


“Revolt moves through the social body, but its specific functions may be performed by any of that body’s cells. We are not external to the body, as a surgeon, a sociologist, or a vanguard, but neither are we its prisoners. We imagine that it will be the concussiveness of repeated outbursts of revolt, and not the geometrical growth of a social movement, that will destroy the current structures of governance, the way the intense vibrations of an earthquake or avalanche liquefy the hardest materials. If this is correct, one of the vital tasks of rebels is to unlearn the mechanical motions of the Left and the fatalistic expectations that a mechanical worldview inculcates, and to relearn rhythmic cycles of struggle.”


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