After the Crest: Part 4 – Montreal

After the Crest: Part 4 – Montreal
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The fourth zine in the “After the Crest” series looks at the student strike of 2012 that took place in Montreal, Canada. Anarchists were heavily involved in the struggle and this essay explores the ways in which anarchists participated, what they gained, what they lost, and what could have been done better. As with other zines in the series, it is written in such a way that at least some of the lessons learned can be used in drastically different contexts.


“There are many practical skills that some anarchists already have, and others need to learn: digital self-defense, trauma support, tactics for street action, proficiency in different languages, and so on. These are all useful for specific situations—but we also need to be prepared for general situations. We need to be able to recognize when momentum is picking up, when we are at a peak of opportunity, when things are slowly or rapidly coming to a halt, and what is strategic for anarchists to do in each of these situations.”


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