Don’t Try To Break Us, We’ll Explode

Don’t Try To Break Us, We’ll Explode

don't try to break us coverThis zine is a comprehensive analysis of the 2017 protests against the G20 in Hamburg, Germany. The police attempted to use brute force to isolate and terrorize all who came to demonstrate against the G20, but in the process, they turned a large part of the population against them and the city spiraled out of control. The resulting protests were some of the largest seen in Europe in years. It is an inspiring example of resistance and while the context is different in North America, it’s important to study these examples and to try to draw relevant lessons where we can.

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Excerpt from Don’t Try To Break Us, We’ll Explode

If 20,000 fully militarized officers using everything short of lethal force can’t maintain order at the most important security event of the year in Europe’s richest nation, perhaps it is possible to imagine revolution on the horizon after all.

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