• Published:2004
  • Added to Catalog: 2022
  • Pages: 58
  • Size: 8.5 x 5.5
  • Publisher: Firestarter Press
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This is a collection of various first-hand accounts and documents from the underground abortion service known as Jane.

Jane was the abortion counseling service affiliated with the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union (CWLU). Before abortion was legalized in 1973, Jane members, none of whom were physicians, performed over 11,000 illegal abortions. Their philosophy was that women had the right to safe humane abortions and that if that wasn’t legally possible, then it was up to the women’s liberation movement to take up the slack.

Jane took its medical and social responsibilities seriously. So careful training and a humane relationship with the women who needed abortions were an important part of the Jane experience. Known officially as the Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, “Jane” was the name people would ask for when they first made contact.


Jane provides us with a taste of what is possible in counterattacking techno-industrial society’s psychological, and, in this case, physical, assault. The group is not only worth uncovering because of its (non-existent) role in the Roe vs. Wade decision. Jane is more importantly worth examining today because of its impressive display of effective self-organization and self-activity, its disregard for Western medicine and morals, and its indifference toward legalization with an implicit class struggle politics.


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