Nothing is Finished

Nothing is Finished

Nothing Is FinishedThis lengthy zine explores a recent (2011) effort aimed at preventing the construction an immigrant detention center in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. The zine chronicles an attempt at crafting an insurrectionary practice around a specific goal, with reflections on the actions, successes, and challenges faced by such a project. Along with the analysis on the specific struggle, the zine also includes a piece titled “Archipelago: Affinity, Informal Organization, & Insurrectional Projects” which provides a theoretical foundation for understanding the ways in which anarchists chose to act. Overall, the zine is inspiring and provides an interesting snapshot of insurrectionary anarchy in Belgium, while at the same time offering a compelling argument in favor of informal organization.

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Excerpt from Nothing is Finished

An easy struggle, a struggle without problems, will never exist. A+B will never equal revolution. Racking one's brains over “the perfect thing” to keep oneself busy with is often paralyzing – you can put new question marks after every thought, until you get lost inside the labyrinth. Let it be clear: there is no “perfect” action which carries everything within itself and knows indomitable impact, one which brings us, in one go, towards insurrection, nor is there a “perfect” struggle which brings us from the postmodern vagueness straight to the social revolution.

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