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The A-Zone: A Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago

This is the 2nd edition of an excellent zine on the history of the A-Zone (The Autonomous Zone) in Chicago. The A-Zone was one of dozens of infoshops started in the 1990s by anarchists experimenting in counter-institutions and organizing. The zine presents a history of the A-Zone as well as personal reflections from people who were involved and/or regularly visited the space. Beyond the A-Zone, the zine discusses projects that preceded the A-Zone in Chicago as well as projects such as the Network of Anarchist Collectives and Love & Rage that were large parts of the anarchist space in the 1990s. It gives an excellent overview of both the A-Zone and the larger infoshop movement.

The A-Zone: A Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago


Like many people in the U$ who got involved with radical-Left politics in or around 2001, I had spent some time looking at Infoshop.org, but at the time I had no idea Infoshops as physical spaces existed, much less predated the website! The first Infoshop that I ever visited was the Autonomous Zone Infoshop (A-Zone) in Chicago, IL (Chi).


The A-Zone: A Decade Of Anarchy In Chicago was added to Sprout Distro in 2015