Affinity Groups: Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organization

Affinity Groups: Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organization
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This guide provides a nice introduction to anarchist affinity groups. Affinity groups are small groups of friends who know and trust each other deeply and who have a desire to undertake a shared project of some kind (whether that be an action or a publication). This guide provides background information on the advantage of affinity groups, suggestions for participating in an affinity group, and working with other affinity groups. There are discussions of tactics, security culture, and decision making. It’s an important guide for folks undertaking anarchist activity.


An affinity group could be a sewing circle or a bicycle maintenance collective; it could come together for the purpose of providing a meal at an occupation or forcing a multinational corporation out of business through a carefully orchestrated program of sabotage. Affinity groups have planted and defended community gardens, built and occupied and burned down buildings, organized neighborhood childcare programs and wildcat strikes; individual affinity groups routinely initiate revolutions in the visual arts and popular music. Your favorite band was an affinity group. An affinity group invented the airplane. Another one maintains this website.


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