Organizing Zines

"These zines cover the broad topic of organizing. They offer some suggestions on how anarchists can come together to create anarchy. Topics covered included affinity groups, opening anarchist spaces, squatting, starting reading groups, collectives, and more."

12 Things to do Instead of Calling the Cops

9 Theses on Insurgency

A World Without Police

Affinity Groups: Essential Building Blocks of Anarchist Organization

After We Have Burnt Everything

Against Assemblies

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Anarchism and the English Language

Anarchist Study Groups

Anarchist Tactics at Standing Rock

Anarchy & Alcohol

Anti-Mass: Methods of Organization for Collectives

Antifa Super Soldier Strength Training


Beyond Squat or Rot: Anarchist Approaches to Housing

Breaking with Consensus Reality

Build Your Own Solidarity Network

Build those Collectives

Building: A DIY Guide to Creating Spaces, Hosting Events and Fostering Radical Communities

But What About Beer?

Caught in the Web of Deception

Chasing After Ghosts

Class Struggle & Mental Health

Collective Process: Overcoming Power

Collectives: Anarchy Against The Mass

Consensus: A Brief Introductory Guide

Copwatch 101

Counter-Info: A "How-To" Guide

Critical Thinking as Anarchist Weapon

Crowbar Chronicles

Dining with Vultures

Distroist Society and its Future

Educating for Freedom

Electoral Politics are not a "Gateway Drug"

Fedizine: An Anarchist Introduction to Federated Social Media

From Movement to Space: The Anarchist Open Assemblies

Give Up Activism

How To Promote Events

How to Form an Affinity Group

How to Throw a Squatted Dance Party

Inhabit Body

Mass, The Left, And Other Walking Fossils

One Four Seven

Opening Doors: A Primer

Organizing Communities

Organizing Social Spaces as if Social Relations Matter

Ours: Occupation Guide

Point of No Return

Reading for Revolution

Seattle Logistics Zine

Shared Path, Shared Goal

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

Some Remarks On The Need For Open Assemblies in Berlin

Squatters' Handbook: Political Squatting Tips

Talking to the Media: A Guide for Anarchists

The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy

The Really, Really Free Market: Instituting the Gift Economy

The Spaces Between

Together: Booklet to Form Affinity Groups

Towards A Less Fucked Up World

What's the Non-Profit Industrial Complex and why should I care?

Whatever You Do, Don't Talk to the Police

Who are you Streaming For? Three Critiques of Livestreaming

Archived Organizing Zines

Due to their age, we no longer recommend distributing the following zines. We are keeping them online for historical reasons as some of the information may still be useful.