Anarchist Tactics at Standing Rock

Anarchist Tactics at Standing Rock
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This zine—published by 1312 Press—is a transcript of an interview that appeared on the anarchist radio program The Final Straw. The interviewee is an anarchist and a long-term participant in the Standing Rock encampment. The conversation looks at the role that anarchists played at Standing rock, with a particular emphasis on providing insight into what actions are needed to meaningfully support Indigenous struggles against extraction and ongoing land theft. The wide-ranging interview covers a number of topics including the importance of diversity of tactics, spiritual and cultural desecration, colonialism, non-violence, allyship, and intersectionality. It’s an important text for learning from the most high-profile anti-extraction effort in the so-called United States.


I do think folks are waking up and I think the intersectionality of struggles that is becoming more present is what will allow this discussion of diversity of tactics to really come more to the forefront. I don’t think it needs to be a discussion, I think it just needs to be a respect that happens.


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