Antifa Super Soldier Strength Training

Antifa Super Soldier Strength Training
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  • Added to Catalog: 2023
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This zine -- written by a veteran of the anti-fascist and anti-globalization struggles -- provides a basic introduction to strength training. It is designed with an eye towards helping people in the streets. It focuses on weight training that you can do either at home or in at a gym. Topics covered include techniques, exercises, eating, recovery days, and supplements. There are also tips for staying motivated and a list of additional resources. The whole zine is grounded in body positivity and acknowledges that physical confrontation is just one way to potentially participate in anti-fascist work and is no more important than other roles.


For our entire time on this planet as human beings, we have been vastly more physically active than we are today in the modern capitalist society. In prehistoric times we evolved to live a more physical lifestyle as hunter-gatherers. With the dawn of civilization and agriculture we still spent many hours of the week working farms, tending to herds, splitting firewood, and generally being more physically active. Even through ages of industrial development most of the population still participated in lots of manual labor. In the developed nations of the information age things are very different. When we start school at age 5, our spines are ruined by modern society making us sit in chairs for a large chunk of the day. We continue life in that position throughout our lives working at a desk, a computer, or driving a vehicle. Our bodies need physical activity just as much as we need healthy foods. We have evolved that way. When we don't exercise, we make ourselves vulnerable to physical illness, depression, injury, and a whole bunch of other related problems. All human beings must train for physical fitness regardless of ability, size, race, or gender.


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